Sunday, February 27, 2005

Apples and Oranges, or The Real "Gannon Standard"

Mens News Daily continues defending the indefensible by claiming Guckert's infilitration of the White House Press Corps is par course. John Hawkins pens an "article" which equates Guckert with lifetime journalist Helen Thomas. Nice try, but let's see why the comparison falls flat on its face.

Guckert: A degree in Social Studies. Oh, and a $50 weekend seminar at a right-wing propaganda institute.

Thomas: A degree in English, plus 30 other honorary degrees (including doctorates).

Guckert: No awards???

Thomas: "the National Press Club's 4th Estate Award; the Columbia University Journalism Award, the International Media Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, the Missouri School of Journalism Award, the Peter Zenger Award, the Hearst Newspapers' Bob Considine Award; the Society of Professional Journalists first life-time award and elected to its Hall of Fame, the Allen Neuharth award, the William Allen White Journalism Award, the Wayne University "Spirit of Diversity" award and the Ellis Island American Legend Medal, among others."

Guckert: was a Talon "reporter" for less ten days before being granted access to the Bush White House Press Corps.

Thomas: was a reporter for some 50 years before being granted access to the Bush White House Press Corps.

Guckert: used fake quotes in asking the President softball questions.

Thomas: used facts in asking the President the questions every reporter should be asking. We won't waste valuable pixels reprinting all Thomas questions Mens News Daily found problematic. For your reading pleasure, we provide a series of links which support the questions quoted by Hawkins:

Helen Thomas: "We didn't go in to win the war on terrorism when we invaded Iraq." -- April 29, 2004. As reported by Unknown News.

Question based on the reality that there was no tie between al Qaeda and Saddam.

Helen Thomas: "...following up Ann Compton's question [regarding Saddam Hussein's court hearing], does [President Bush] agree with Saddam that Presidents are above the law?" -- July 1, 2004. As reported by Unknown News.

Question based on the reality that the Bush administration has tried to place the President above the law.

Helen Thomas: "Prime Minister Blair took full personal responsibility for taking his nation into war under falsehoods -- under reasons that have been determined now to be false. Is President Bush also willing to take full, personal responsibility --"

Question based on the reality that the President refuses to apologize.

Helen Thomas: "There was no threat"..."Saddam Hussein did not threaten this country." -- July 19, 2004. As reported by Unknown News.

Link, link, link, link, link, link get the idea.

We would continue here and could cite hundreds of other links supporting Thomas' questions, but we think we'll leave Hawkins to his own research. Simply put, Thomas' questions are based on reality; Guckert's questions are based on a partisan agenda and propaganda.

Thomas is a lifelong, widely-acclaimed journalist. Guckert is a fraud. The President chose to push Thomas to the back row in the briefing room and doesn't ask her questions anymore, while Guckert somehow got prime seats to the sideshow. In typical fashion, Bush distances himself from those that may hold him accountable for his actions while he surrounds himself with propagandists and frauds.

The only "Gannon Standard" that should be applied to the White House Press Corps is this: no person should be allowed to enter the Press Room under false pretenses, under a sham organization, afforded special privileges, and selected to ask questions which are not based on reality. The American Public deserves better than that.


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Did Thomas abuse the day pass system for 2 years as Gannon did ?

Was Thomas moonlighting as a hooker and advertising it online ?

Guess the "reporter" who wrote this piece graduated on the same school as Gannon....

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More importantly, did Thomas shave off all her body hair before posing nude online?

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