Sunday, February 27, 2005

Guckert Speaks...Again

What a difference 10 days makes. (No, we're not talking about the 10 day turnaround from Guckert becoming a "reporter" to his being granted White House access.) Ten days ago, Guckert told E&P "I'm no longer talking to anyone [in the press] anymore."

Today, days after re-launching his website, he gave an interview to Roll Call's Mary Ann Akers, RawStory reports.

Guckert keeps playing the repentant "sinner", when in reality, his "past" isn't his "past" at all. At the time he was hired as a White House correspondent, apparently it was his present...

As John Aravosis at pointed out, Guckert's websites, where he allegedly self-promoted his escort services, were live until at least April 17, 2003, months after he was a White House correspondent. His last "customer review" was in November of 2002...not to distant a "past" is it?

In his latest interview, Guckert once again claims he switched to "Jeff Gannon" because it's easier to pronounce than "James Guckert"...or perhaps "James Gannon"? Or Jim Gannon? We here at Propagannon must give Guckert some credit for being able to assert this "Jeff" is easier to pronounce than "James" with a straight face. Bravo, James. Bravo.

Guckert also says "They accused me of throwing softballs. Where does it say that every question has to be hostile?" he asked." Of course not every question has to be "hostile" (read: reality-based). But where does it say that every single question has to be a softball? We've combed through Guckert's questions, and have yet to find one of a truly substantive nature that does not resemble propaganda. "Lifeline-only Questions 101". Must be a Leadership Institute Course.


Blogger wanderindiana said...

The progress of the discovery, the quitting, and the reappearance of James Guckert says one thing to me--the GOPUSA folks, who a week or so ago believed the other shoe was going to drop, haven't seen it drop yet and must be thinking it is not going to drop.

In our process of untangling the GOPUSA web of deceit, we might appear to be stuck to them. In the mean time, they are jumping on our "silence" (read: patience and diligence) for a counterattack.

Since the Propagannon investigation moved off of dKos, I've found it much more difficult to participate; hence, I haven't spent nearly as much time digging as I was when the investigation flowed freely.

I hope that things are progressing, and I hope that new public statements covering the investigation appear soon.

4:27 AM  

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