Saturday, February 26, 2005

“Hopelessly Trivial”?

The Daily Howler today wrote that Propagann is “hopelessly trivial” and that the story “simply ain’t news!” We at Propagannon beg to differ.

Maybe it would be a “non-story”—if Guckert could keep his story straight. But alas, his many inconsistencies and the cover-up employed by his associates reveals that there is, indeed, a much bigger story here desparately in need of attention.

Why is Propagannon not “hopelessly trivial”? Here we go.

(1) Guckert lied about his relationship with In fact, he “denied strongly any tie” to the organization. Non-story? Not when you find out he was on the Board of Directors for Now why would Guckert lie about that? What is there to hide?

(2), of which Guckert was a Director of, is a propaganda outfit. It’s mission is to “promote the conservative, Republican agenda.” It’s “writers” spit out the most vile Republican talking points: Democrats should be renamed “Saddemocrats and they want to “destroy the United States”, anti-war protesters are Stalinists and anti-American, Senators Kerry, Boxer, and Biden are ”racist fools”…you get the idea. Non-story? Not when such a propaganda outfit has a disturbing close tie to the Administration.

(3) Bobby Eberle, founder and CEO, personally thanked Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove for his “friendship, guidance, and leadership.” Non-story? Exactly what “guidance” did Karl Rove give to

(4) Is “trivial”? How, when as the Daily Howler points out, it is filled with “unknowns”, was able to interview the elusive Karl Rove?

Given that Karl Rove is now Deputy Chief of Staff, he owes an explanation to the public as to what his relationship is/was with Exactly what “guidance” did he give to this propaganda outfit?


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