Monday, February 28, 2005

Oh, the sweet irony: FOX criticized for covering Propagannon

You know you have a story on your hands when even right-wingers are complaining about how FOX news is handling Propagannon.

From today's inaccurate Mens News Daily, we see Cliff Kincaid lamenting Fox News Watch as "one of the most disappointing programs airing on the Fox News Channel." Why? Because the panelists actually thought there is something fishy about a "reporter" with a fake news organization working with the GOP partisan group who was granted access on a daily basis to sneak propaganda questions to the Press Secretary and the President.

Now, we here at Propagannon are pleasantly surprised that FOX would dedicate some program time to the issue, and even address it in a decent manner.

Kincaid, who keeps insisting on calling Guckert a "reporter", attempts to defend Guckert's action in a manner highly reminiscent of a fish flailing out of water. Case in point:
He was forced to resign from Talon News, an on-line conservative-backed news operation, when his personal life came under scrutiny and he was linked to homosexual activity. The far left, which claims to respect peoples' privacy, just won't let go of this story.
There are five, count them FIVE lies in these two sentences. That has to be a record, even for Mens News Daily: (1) Guckert was not "forced" to resign, he resigned willingly after he was exposed; (2) Talon News is not a "news" operation. It was more like an Office Depot crossbred with Pravda; (3) he was forced to resign because he wasn't a reporter, not because his "personal life" was scrutinzed; (4) he wasn't "linked to homosexual activity"...he was linked to prostitution & internet porn; and (5) the "far left" didn't invade his privacy...Guckert allegedly advertised his services on public websites (see Tom Tomorrow below--"can't a guy post naked pictures of himself on the internet anymore?!?").

Kincaid is right about one thing. We won't let go of this story(by the way, we're not the "far" left...we're just citizens demanding accountability) . Because this is the last straw in a shocking string of bribes, payoffs, manipulation, and other media control measures perpetrated by this Administration.
In contrast to Gannon, who went through a journalism training program at the Leadership Institute, Mokhiber has never taken a journalism class.
"Journalism training program." Yeah. A weekend seminar. It costs $50, "for which attendees receive 'two days of instruction, meals on Saturday and Sunday and all course materials.'" So let's say there's 48 hours. Take away 16 for sleep (assuming Guckert wasn't busy at night)...a few for eating, getting ready, etc. and Guckert has what, maybe 16 hours of "training"? And what type of "training" is the Leadership Institute known for? Quality training like this:
"In an eight-hour session that bore little resemblance to a traditional journalism class, the students were taught how to start their own conservative newspapers and opinion journals. And how to pick fights with lefty bogeymen on the faculty and in student government."
Meanwhile, Mr. "I'm returning to private life" Guckert couldn't bare being a week out of the spotlight, and has started a blog where he links to various stories about the scandal. But trust us, our site is much cooler. And we write our own stuff. We promise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have we looked into Mr. "Cliff Kincaid"?
I must say that's one of the fakest, sissiest, Hollywoody sounding names I've heard in a long time.

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