Saturday, February 26, 2005

Propagannon: This "Simply Ain't News?"

The Daily Howler today wrote that the Jeff Gannon story is "hopelessly trivial" and that the story "simply ain't news!" We at Propagannon beg to differ.

"Hopelessly Trivial"?

"Ain't News?"

Close your eyes for a minute and let's do some serious imagining. Eyes closed good and tight?

Now, imagine it's February, 1999 and the Clinton Administration had, almost two years earlier, led us into a war based upon the claim that Iraq had WMD and it was later discovered that the WMD never existed. Now, stretch your imagination for a second and pretend that he wasn't somehow impeached over that and still managed to be in office. Okay, still with me here?

Imagine that a Democratic advocacy group named "DemocratsUSA" got a special nod from Clinton's Press Secretary to plant a fake reporter in the White House Press room to ask Bill Clinton softball questions to save him from difficult situations, AND that reporter, who had no previous experience in journalism except for a weekend stint at a place called the "Progressive Institute for Journalism", run by an old Arkansas political buddy, received from White House sources classified, inside information to disseminate the Administration's policies and threaten Clinton's political enemies. No peeking...keep imagining.

Now, picture that it was later discovered that the fake reporter had posted naked pictures of himself on the internet to solicit business as a gay, male prostitute.

Got that? I said, "Gay, male prostitute." Now, imagine the headlines and the reports on cable news. Do you think they would read:

"Hopelessly trivial. This simply ain't news."

I'm imagining that the only regret the Republicans in Congress and the media would have is that they could impeach him only once and that tarring and feathering was illegal.

Now, tell me with a straight face, tell me the press is Liberal.


Anonymous i miss america said...

Can I open my eyes yet? Yes, okay...thanks!

Yeah, you're right. Orrin Hatch would've led an angry mob with torches and marched up Pennsylvania Avenue if this nonsense went on while Bubba was in charge.

And the press? Their silence has been practically deafening.

7:50 PM  
Blogger zenyenta said...

If the press was pushing this story it would be news. Huge news. Of course, it might be more important to focus on the marriage of two middle aged members of British aristocracy who've been seeing each other since Frampton came alive. That's probably a lot more relevent to American democracy than the fact that the information we get is being managed in a way that would have done the politburo proud at the height of the Soviet Union.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous mlk said...

Typo: "Close you eyes" should be "Close your eyes"

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader of Somersby's page, a big fan, but this time he dropped the ball. He's dead wrong, Gannon is a story because of several factors.

The guy wasn't a working journalist when the White House provided him unencumbered access to the White House.

Supposedly there'a "War on Terror." The government can pare back the Bill of Rights in the name of "homeland security" but can't afford to do background checks on criminals that sashay into the White House every day.

"Gannon" was repeatedly used as the White House "get out of jail card."

He claims to have insider knowledge of the Iraq invasion hours before it was officially announced.

There's a cloud over what he was presented vis-a-vie the Plame outing, the Mary Mapes scandal, and the South Dakota senatorial race.

How is it that a working prostitute with no background in journalism is privy to classified information at the White House?

If it wasn't a story, why is Talon scrubbing all their stories with "Gannon"'s name on the byline?

For those of us interested in media manipulation, there are lots of questions worth investigating.

2:55 PM  
Blogger libby said...

Ole Howler is correct, this "Simply Ain't News": we're talking evolving Investigative Reporting that has already left a wound so deep as to be cataclysmic for the Bush regime.

There is understatement and then there's overstatement: when Mr. Gannon-Guckert squeals we'll all know which.

7:41 PM  
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