Friday, February 25, 2005

The Ultimate Admission of Guilt?

Three weeks after James D. Guckert, a Talon News Reporter, was revealed to have no journalism training, a questionable past and present, and possible connections to the Plame investigation, Talon News has been taken offline.

Yet that action raises more questions than answers. Over the course of the investigation, bloggers discovered that and Talon News began scrubbing their website, not only of the stories by "Jeff Gannon", but also all Talon News stories. deleted its Board of Directors page, even though Guckert was not named on it. Pages and files were being deleted, and bloggers could barely keep up with their saves and screenshots.

Disappearing news articles are not the only mystery here. As bloggers closed in on Guckert's connection to various illegal prostitution sites, the registration of these sites was changed overnight, seemingly in an attempt to cover Guckert's own tracks. Additionally, webpages dealings with the Propagannon investigation have been scrubbed from

Thus there remains the central question: Why? Why has there been a massive attempt to hide or remove this critical information from the hands of citizen journalists? What is there to hide?


Blogger NYBri said...

love the frame...

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Blogger grannyhelen said...

For anyone who hasn't seen them...

Doing a diary series of Talon News's "coverage" of the 2004 elections, which basically amounted to Kerry bashing and Bush soft balls.

Links to parts 1 & 2 below. As Jeff Gannon himself reported, when some right wing wackos filed an FEC complaint against CBS for "illegally coordinated election communications":

"... Under the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, media organizations are exempt from provisions barring corporations from engaging in "electioneering communications" within 60 days of a general election. But the Center argued that CBS forfeited its exemption by illegally coordinating a partisan attack on the president only 55 days before an election."

So...if Talon rendered the same services to BC04, they're in hot water.

Part 1:

Part 2:

7:51 PM  
Anonymous libnewsie said...

Why would they need to close at all? Couldn't they just get another volunteer to cover Washington? What about "Jeff's" other activities like his radio program? Why hasn't that continued?

To me this says they have a lot to hide and there must be much more to this story than we even know.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In "black ops" this back pedalling is what is referred to as "amputation". Once an operation is exposed and the primary attempts to restore it fail, they go into "save the body" mode. All traces of the existence of the operation, in this case, a "black psy-op", are primarily in pure data information form. They are removing the digital shadow of this operation off the internet.

In this type of situation, even if the operation is positively identified, the Attorney General (Alberto Gonzales) would do exactly what John Ashcroft did, concerning the Sibel Edmonds case, and invoke a gag order on all official investigations under reasons for "National Secrets". More powerful than and rarely used than reasons of "National Security", it usually means said operation was infact sponsored by the U.S. Government.

11:43 AM  

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