Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bush Adm. Says Propaganda A-OK

The Justice Dept. has declared that propaganda is just fine by the Bush administration.

Meanwhile, those who still think propaganda is, um..Saddam-like, shall we say...are calling the government on it. Apparently, despite numerous articles about the government's deception, the Bush Administration still wants to plow forward with its fake news.

Americans used to laugh at the former Soviet Union, China and Cuba for having government-broadcast news about the successes of government policies. We can't look down on their domestic propaganda machines any more.
Meanwhile, back in California, the Governator is embroiled in his own propaganda controversy.

It seems like the GOP has its talking points lined up. It's not a "news release" or propaganda, it's a press release! Yes, that's what it is! And never mind the fake reporters who end them saying "reporting from D.C., I'm Paul Propaganda." And never mind that they aren't labelled as press releases, but rather as "news segments".

"Press releases"? Yeah.

In related news, Russia's Communist party is undertaking an overhaul of their propaganda. Shhhh. No one tell the GOP they're like Russian Communists...we don't want Cheney having another heart attack.


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