Sunday, March 13, 2005

Close, But No Cigar: Article Nails WH Stonewalling, But Misses On GannonGuckert

Bill Adair writes in the St. Petersburg Times about the scripted White House:
In the White House briefing room, there are lots of questions, but not so many answers. Reporters try to grill McClellan, but he deftly avoids their inquiries and recites lines he has used dozens of times before.
Press secretaries have always ducked questions, but McClellan is particularly adept at it.

"Scott is bound and determined not to be the news," said Roberts, the CBS reporter. "Every time he comes out here and he escapes without making news, I think (White House chief of staff) Andy Card pats him on the back and says, "Good job.' "

Many White House beat reporters have gotten so frustrated with McClellan's repetition that they skip the briefings.
They skip briefings. The Bush administration has turned Press Briefings into a charade, a pointless square dance where McClellan takes the lead and lead the reporters...well, nowhere. Although he does step on quite a few toes along the way.

Adair's article on responsible journalism though ironically makes one critical mistake:
But there's no evidence the White House gave him favorable treatment - or even benefited from his pointed questions.
I assume Ardair has made a full investigation and thus is able to claim that there was no "favorable treatment"? If so, then maybe in his next article he can lay out the explanations for how, which isn't even a news site, was initially granted access; or how Talon "News" was created after Ari questioned's legitimacy; or how GannonGuckert came to know about the "shock and awe" campaign hours before anyone else in the media did; or how he allegedly was privy to information in a leaked CIA ememo; or how he was subpoenaed for his role in the outing of Valerie Plame; or how his barely-known news outfit secured a much-coveted interview with Karl Rove; or how he got to sit in the fourth row, up front with the major news agencies, while Helen Thomas is shoved to the back row; or how not a single other journalist has been able to bypass hard pass screening for two years; or how he engaged in a smear campaign against Daschle and Kerry and brought his smear campaign into the briefing room...if all this suspicious and preferential treatment has been explained away, then we'd sure like to know how.


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The White House press correspondents are conditioned and trained to wag their tails, sit and beg for a treat. knowing that all they are going to get is the same stale dog biscuit.

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