Friday, March 04, 2005

Congresswoman Kaptur Joins the Fray

According to an AP story published on the Toledo, Ohio ABC 13 news site, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur "gets" the significance of Gannon/Guckert:
The Toledo congresswoman calls Gannon a double agent and a phony plant.

The Congresswoman, who Gannon/Guckert blasted during a White House Press conference in March 2003 [CSPAN video, real media, starting at minute 36:35], has joined the call for an investigation of how and why he ended up in the White House Press pool. According to the Toledo Blade:
Miss Kaptur, though, believes there's more to the story, and she's joining calls by fellow Democrats for an investigation into Mr. Gannon's relationship with the White House. She said political opponents - including Mr. Gannon - "twisted" her words published in The Blade in 2003 as part of a well-orchestrated scheme to intimidate her.

Regarding Gannon/Guckert's statement in that press conference, Representative Kaptur had this to say:
"It lit the fuse for the entire network of Bush propagandists around the country and their media affiliates to commit a backlash based on a lie," said Miss Kaptur, who later apologized to those offended, saying she meant to draw an analogy between the motivating forces behind rebellions. "They twisted it and turned it into something I never said."


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