Friday, March 04, 2005

Founder of News Chairman in Republican Party

In the midst of all the coverage (and non-coverage) of the Gannon/Guckert story, one fact that has gone remarkably unreported by both liberal and conservative news outlets is the ties between, Talon News, and the Republican Party.

We've heard the parties implicated in the scandal repeat time and time again that, despite its name and the fact it spits out GOP talking points on a daily basis, is not connected to the Republican Party.

But how credible does that sound in light of the fact that William Fairbrother, co-founder of (which created Talon News) is a County Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas?

Indeed, Fairbrother has been Chairman of the Williamson County GOP for about the last five years. Which, incidently, is the same amount of time has been in business.
Fairbrother's contact address for official GOP correspondence? Indeed, has its own logo displayed prominently on the Williamson County Republican Party Menu. is where Fairbrother directed his party members to go in order to keep up to date on the Republican National Convention (I wonder if he disclosed that he owned the site?)

When was founded, it had the same mailing address as the Williamson County Republican Party:

2915 Pioneer Way
Round Rock, TX 78664

That address is still listed as's primary place of business.

The Texas Republican County Chairman's Association even links to, snuggling the link between the Texas Legislature and the National Republican Congressional Committee (, by the way, seems oddly out of place on a list?).

So what are to make of the fact that the co-founder of is a Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas? It obviously smacks of something shady...and is certainly worthy of further investigation.

*Image: Bill Fairbrother, left, pictured with Bobby Eberle. Fairbrother and Eberle started to "bring the conservative message to the Internet". Photo from dkos.



Anonymous count said...

Georgia, you suggested that GOPussy "seems oddly out of place" on the TRCCA list of Republican organizations and resources. I don't understand. Why would one obviously Republican organization seem out of place on a list of Republican organizations? Or, does anybody besides Ari believe that GOPussy is not a Republican organization? What's shady? What requires further investigation? Ari is a dolt, case closed.

I admit, however, I still wonder how Bobby Eberle attained his position in the Gay Old Party without any records showing any contributions by him to any Republican candidate. Now, that's weird.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Georgia said...

If you notice, the list on the site is purely (GOP) governmental entities or official Republican Party sites. is the only non-governmental, non-GOP site on the list.

Your point about the contributions is interesting. Definitely something to look into :)

6:43 PM  
Anonymous count said...

I dunno, Georgia. Your post and posts such as this

make me think this can of worms is really icky. If Republicans think a site is for all practical purposes an official Republican site, who am I to say they're wrong? Have you and the poster about the South Dakota situation uncovered and called attention to the true extent of a GOP effort to blur distinctions? Would they benefit by doing that? Is there some regulatory (FEC) reason that could do something that an "official" GOP site couldn't do? In this light, the Guckert situation seems like the small tip of a big iceberg.

What a mess. I wish I had some comprehension of what the implications of all this are. Assuming you are Georgia10, does your law school have a course on election law?

8:07 AM  
Anonymous count said... has a political links page, which in turn has two columns. One column is Republican links. is in the other (supposedly non-GOP) column. uuuuuuh...

2:30 PM  

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