Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Gannon Funnies


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Blogger The Tinker said...

GannonGate as a (very) Graphic Novel...

The Adventures of Jeff Gannon: Republican Media Whore

It's a one-page comic book that breaks down the GannonGate basics in a simple, snappy format that any Wal-Mart Shopper can follow and follow-up on.

There's a lot of information embedded in the page -- websites, names, quotes, googling suggestions, a decent amount of context, a good dose of subversion and maybe a wee bit of the subliminable.

top of the page:

The whole point is to get this information through their eyeballs and into their heads. People will pick this up when they see it. And most will probably be curious enough to read the whole thing. Some will be curious enough to start googling some of those names and reading some of those blogs.

I think a lot of people who have heard of Jeff Gannon still aren't sure what to make of the situation. This will catch anyone up enough to get angry and start following it up themselves.

If you can print some of these on a color printer (at work or something), please do and give stacks of them to friends, leave them in public places, mail them to local and national news organizations.

Of course, if you can only print in monochrome, that's fine too. It looks okay in black & white.

If you can forward the link to someone who could crank out reams, please ask them. Levergage our personal connections and operational capital.

And just forward the link around to blogs and mailing lists (Remember what Chris said about crosslinking?). Try and get a lot of people looking at this and talking about it over the weekend and beyond.

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