Thursday, March 03, 2005

Getting No Pass

Starting this past Monday, the folks at Fishbowl decided to follow the steps Jeff Gannon/James Gurkert says he took to get a day pass to the press briefing. The Fishbowl attempts test Scott McClellan's claim that Jeff Gannon received no favoritism.

In the Fishbowl blog, they have filed a daily chronology, at times witty and increasily frustrating, of their efforts. So far, they have endured four days of repeated phone calls with no replies, repeated phone calls in which they got the same non-helpful interns, phone calls where "everyone is in a meeting," an actual trip to the White House with similar non-success, and finally, complete stonewalling and failure to answer ANY calls. So now Fishbowl has written an "Open Letter" beseeching the WH to at least tell them WHY they can't get a reason why they are being stonewalled and effectively denied a daily pass.