Thursday, March 03, 2005

High School Papers Give Propagannon More Coverage Than National News

What a sad state of affairs when a high school paper devotes more ink to GannonGuckert than the national media: Come Clean About Gannongate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting to the bottom of Gannon-Gate (reprinted)

What Gannon Gate is all about:

*This is about subversion of free press.

* This is about trashing the rule of law by applying double standards of justice for the Party in power vs. the American people.

* This is about an evident major security lapse at the highest reaches of Government in the wake of 911.

* This is about apparent deliberate lying and deception to American public, and misusing authority to plant a false journalist to improperly disseminate political propaganda during an election campaign, a potential direct violation of campaign laws.

This is not about sex, or having a an self-advertised gay-escort in the White House.

What the White House can do to resolve Gannon-Gate honestly:

* Release its background check records on this individual, and encourage G/G ,with whom GOP had a close and enduring relationship, to release non ID portions of his personal (Choicepoint) files ?

* Have GWB issue a formal statement endorsing the WH press to talk freely of their 1st hand knowledge about G/G, with this statement to include an assurance of protection from any whistleblower retribution, to prove the WH/GWB has nothing to hide on G/G

* Permit the selection of an independent counsel to investigate possible crimes and security breaches related to Gannon-gate, and hold the guilty parties accountable for any crimes that are uncovered.

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