Friday, March 04, 2005

Ignoring Guckert= Dangerous for the Media

John Aravosis at states it perfectly: by allowing Guckert/Gannon to continue to claim he is a "legitimate journalist" debases the entire profession:
And every single one of you journalists out there who has sat back and written nothing about the GannonGuckert story has helped the rightwing further create an environment in which the definition of "journalism" now includes partisan propaganda hacks whose only goal is to corrupt the truth for political (and monetary) gain. GannonGuckert is being depicted as the conservative counterpart, counterweight, to YOU. I.e., he's equal to you in every way, simply that you're a liberal and he's a conservative. And they're getting away with it. He not only diminishes you, he diminishes the entire profession.

And your wonderful little correspodents' association couldn't care less. If you guys can't define who you are, what you are, what qualifications it takes to become one of you, then why are you even there in the first place? You would be the first profession on the planet that can't - or is afraid to - define what you are and what you do.

Think about that the next time you take a pass on this story.


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