Friday, March 04, 2005

"Is US Ministry of Propaganda Next?"

Mike Barry at the Washington Dispatch sums it up well. When other nations engage in propaganda, they're labeled undemocratic. When the Bush Administration does it, it's accepted without resistance:
It is needless to say that this is not the first presidential administration to produce news broadcasts extolling its own policies. Governments around the world—Putin’s Russia, North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and others--have also been involved in this unsavory activity, but where those undemocratic governments are concerned the practice is correctly identified as "misleading propaganda."

Furthermore, the Bush-Cheney administration has not been content merely to make up its own bogus news. It has paid off ostensibly legitimate opinion makers who were trusted by many to be truthful in their dissemination of crucial information to the public. As example, earlier this year, it was revealed that agencies connected to the executive branch paid columnists--with taxpayer money--to adopt certain favorable stances on selected issues the Rush-Cheney administration was pushing.


None of the columnists and journalists involved in this scam against the public trust revealed the unethical and corrupt payoffs they received until after the wrongdoing had been brought to light, thereby illuminating their--and their paymasters’--total lack of regard for the canons of ethics legitimate journalists follow to guarantee unswerving veracity and fidelity to the truth.

And by using filthy lucre rather than the truth to make its case, the Bush-Cheney administration strongly suggests to all objective observers that its policies are bankrupt on their face. Why else would such underhanded methods be employed?

The article goes on to discuss Gannon/Guckert and how he is another sad example of media manipulation and public deception. Berry gets it right when he talks about an erosion of journalistic ethics. If Guckert, as he claims, represents the "New Media", then that "New Media" is hollow, cheap, sensationalistic, devoid of integrity, and dedicated more to the dollar than to the truth. Read more...


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