Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kincaid: You kick out Guckert, you may kick out FOX

Cliff Kincaid has yet another article defending Guckert (um, doesn't he get lonely being pratically the ONLY person willing to support a fake reporter who plagerized his articles?). It's nothing new really, just the usual propaganda about how "fake names" are common (but are they used in conjuction with fake reporting, Kincaid? are they?) how liberals are intolerant against gays (whoa, someone get Kincaid his ACLU card! he actually cares about how gays are treated!), and how Guckert's propaganda and infiltration of the Press Corps should be forgiven because Helen Thomas happens to *gasp* ask questions that hold the President accountable for his actions.

But the most (only) important part of Kincaid's article comes at the end, as he reaches his frantic crescendo of fighting for plagerists and fake news agencies:

Host Chris Wallace piped in, saying that a line had to be drawn in terms of who is a legitimate journalist. He said that if too many on-line journalists get into these White House press briefings, the "real reporters" there wouldn't be able to get any work done. Wallace should rethink his position. That's a slippery slope that will play into the hands of the "real reporters" from the liberal media who want to dominate the White House press corps and exclude from their ranks those with a different political orientation. If they had their way and could get away with it without a controversy, they would probably vote to exclude Fox News.

You think that's far-fetched? Last year, Geneva Overholser, former ombudsman of The Washington Post, resigned from the board of the National Press Foundation because it planned to honor Brit Hume at its annual dinner. As reported by USA Today, she said that Hume didn't deserve the award because he and Fox are guilty of "ideologically connected journalism," Overholser said, "Fox wants to do news from a certain viewpoint, but it wants to claim that it is 'fair and balanced.' That is inaccurate and unfair to other media who engage in a quest, perhaps an imperfect quest, for objectivity."

So there you have it, Chris Wallace. Be careful what you wish for. Once the White House Correspondents Association starts excluding the likes of Jeff Gannon, don't think that Fox News will still be guaranteed a seat at White House briefings and presidential press conferences.

The mere fact that Guckert is placed in the same category as FOX news speaks volumes.

The "liberal Press Corps" line is getting old. Kincaid and Guckert and the rest of those defending unethical practices use it as their rallying cry, as if it is their patriotic duty to rise up and spin, spin, spin against the dying right. The only patriotic duty is loyalty to the truth. The only duty of every "journalist", whether in the Press Corps or online, is allegiance to the truth, and not a partisan agenda.

Here is a reminder to Guckert and Kincaid and everyone else as to the true purpose of the Press Corps. It's not to throw softballs, it's not to ignore facts, it's not to let the President treat the media as lapdogs for his partisan agenda. The true purpose, as stated way back in 1923, is this:

Washington correspondents are a specialized group whose profession is not without its public responsibilities. To them public officials say more than can be judiciously printed in order that what is printed may not lead the public astray. They must keep faith with the public and with men in official places.

This Admistration has colluded with the press to "lead the public astray", and the White House Correspondents should have called him on it.


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