Friday, March 04, 2005

One-Party Government Requires A More Responsible Press

Phil Tajitsu Nash, from, puts things into perspective:
Our nation’s founders wanted the separation of power so that the president, Congress, the Supreme Court, the independent press and state governments could each serve as a brake on the power of the others. Unfortunately, the Republican cover-up of the Gannon/Guckert story is the latest example of the dangers of one-party rule in our federal government and the complicity of our corporate-controlled press in allowing one party to dominate.

The Bush administration already has been proven to have paid reporters to report favorably on its education and social policies. Did it go so far as to use a phony reporter from a phony news agency so that the administration’s press releases could be presented as news stories?

Many Asian Pacific Americans came to this country to escape one-party states where government accountability and press freedom were not strong. Some of us suffered from incarceration behind barbed wires because of our national origin during World War II. We understand how fear of an outside enemy can be used as a reason to limit civil liberties and quell dissent at home.

All of us should be calling for an independent inquiry into the Gannon/Guckert situation. Our most cherished constitutional rights depend on an administration that is accountable to the people and a press that is free of government control.
His entire article is quite good, and it reiterates the critical issue here: accountability. The GOP purports to have a monopoly on the value of personal responsibility and government accountability, yet not a single Republican has stepped forwarded asking how a fake reporter was granted access to the White House to spew forth propaganda. Not a single Republican has stepped forward, on behalf of the American people, and asked the White House to disclose all its ties to Gannon/Guckert. A party of accountability? Yeah. Right. And Guckert was a "real journalist." Read more...


Anonymous count said...

Georgia, what you said and then some. Let us always remember what the Bushevik Ministers of Propaganda have done to Helen Thomas and Maureen Dowd. Every journalist at every press briefing, press gaggle, or press conference has this in mind when the opportunity comes to ask a question. How many Republicans, or Dems for that matter, have made an issue of this? Have any editors or publishers tried to do anything about it? Has the White House Correspondents Association been as supine about it as it has been about the Jimmy D. issue? You bet. A bleak, forlorn picture.

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