Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tucker Carlson Interviews Gannon, is a "Dick"

Do you remember when John Stewart called Tuckert a "dick"? Well, know we know why:
Carlson: You've got a quote in your website that struck me. You said for decades gay difficultists have insisted that government stay out of the bedroom. Now we know they didn't want anyone in their way when they invaded the bedroom. To them, it's a one way street and a principles to -- principle to be easily abandoned when it doesn't suit your agenda. I understand people -- the implications, because may be gay, that you shouldn't have access to the White House.

Gannon: The hypocrisy is stunning. If I were -- hypocrisy is stunning. Because I'm a conservative, it seems to be that there are no rules and we can -- those people can leave their principles behind about personal privacy and sex doesn't matter and diversity and inclusion. They can leave all those things behind if it's useful to attack a conservative.
Tucker, who the fuck said that gays can't have access to the White House? Geez, Tucker sure knows how to throw the no-fact-softballs, maybe he should apply to be a Talon News Correspondent!

The rest of the interview is the same shit, different day. Gannon is still pontificating as if he was God's Gift To Journalism. He's still playing the victim, whining about the "liberal media."

But this interview just proves what so many knew all along. Gannon is a coward. He posted on his "blog" (for which, pathetically, he is his own "Washington Correspondent") that he would be accepting questions from both conservative AND liberal bloggers.

On March 2, members of DailyKos sent him a list of questions. Over two weeks have passed, and no response. Yet that hasn't stopped Gannon from prancing around the internets doing interviews for right-wing blogs...all of them of course framed in the "St. Gannon The Victim" manner.

Gannon likes to pretend he is all tough-talking, but really, James Guckert is just a tiny, tiny little man. He spins away in his own little world, thinking he's the star of the show, but all along, everyone peering into his self-deluded world just shake their heads and think "Poor Gannon. What a pitiful little man."

For if he had any shred of integrity (not that anyone thought he did to begin with), but if he had an iota of self-respect, he would not continue this charade. He would come clean, admit he wasn't a journalist, and stop presenting himself as someone who had the ability, much less the right, to elucidate the public about the state of the press today.

A propagandist, lecturing the public about bias in the media? Spare us the game, Guckert.


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