Sunday, March 06, 2005

We're Still Waiting, Mr. Guckert

Last Wednesday (March 2), the investigators at dailykos and submitted a list of questions to James D. Guckert in response to his offer to answer questions submitted to him by "liberal" blogs. See the list here.

As of Sunday, March 6, 12:38 PM EST, there has been no reply from Mr. Gannon.


Anonymous bronxdem said...

Wow, this looks great.

But I can't get into something going on? Denial of service attack?

5:37 AM  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Give the man a break...he obviously spends many hours of the day working on those four-to-five sentence posts he puts up on his blog. Seriously...that shit takes time. Jeff Gannon's used to copying-and-pasting.

9:06 PM  

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